The micro-zoning

The Campiani hills are characterized by a dense network of underground springs, each of which has deposited on the surface over the years mineral and organic particles of specific compositions and characteristics.

The result of this slow and natural process, is a complex mosaic of soils, different from the physical point of view (size, structure, porosity), chemical (supply of mineral elements and their availability to plants, pH) and biological (fauna and telluric micro-flora, enzyme endowment and development of organic substance).

As well as analytically, these differences are clearly visible to the naked eye, observing from above the discontinuity of color and appearance, which show the individual unit of the soil.

The great richness and complexity of our soils has shapes our philosophy of making wine.

Each land unit has been thoroughly analyzed and mapped in order to identify the plants (variety/rootstock) and the approaches that best enhance the agronomic characteristics of the soil. The texture of the soil is predominantly clayey or medium clay, with a lot of limestone. The mineral endowment is rich and shows no deficiencies, the organic substance is well enough and well humified.

The planting density is 7000 plants / he, supported by stainless steel piles(estimated longevity of the vines are about 80 years). The care of plants is only and completely manual: these are the characteristics all the units have in common.

Any other choice is site-specific, set on the basis of the results of micro-zonation. The rootstock, the cultivar, the technique of winter pruning, the number of buds, the green management, the grassing, fertilization and date of harvest are indeed customized by zone (although it would be more correct to say, plant by plant) , in order to obtain grapes, and then basic wines, which represent as much as possible the potential vocation and specificity of each individual soils.

This is our way of respecting what nature gave us and still keeps giving us every year : a way which aim to enhance the contrasts and differences rather than standardize them, our way of sensitizing people to a different, intimate, personal and no-trivial approach. With these premises, our wines are authentic and true and come from our unique terroir.