The natural wines

We believe that the new rules disciplining the organic wine are too permissive and loose and far from a real natural, sustainable approach and completely free from harmful products to human health.
In our opinion, a natural wine comes from grapes grown embodying their terroir, enhanced by following the natural features of the soil and the climate, and defended favouring sustainable agricultural strategies rather than products which, in case should be used, must be natural and not toxic to living beings. In the cellar the aim is to make wine without adding anything, extracting and using wisely what is already on the skin and inside the grapes, in order to obtain a wine which is fair, unique, amazing and healthy.
So far it is not possible to make wines that fit exactly our definition of "natural", for this we spend time and effort to research, to experiment and to share our knowledge with other winemakers caught by the same goal.

But wine is not just a matter of science, although it is true that experimentation widens our knowledge and opens to new approaches, it is first a matter of human sensitivity : this is the way to better interprete the expressions of terroir. As the vine, the grape and the must are live, so the wine must be live, developing in the glass, in the bottle and aging in the years.

Recentely we found ourselves deeply involved to discover the energy content of the grape and how this is embodied and carried on during the ripening and then passed to the wine ( because we must not forget that nothing is created and everything is just transformed).
If science identifies the stabilization of the wine with some (spontaneous or induced) processes based on the precipitation of unstable substances ( but this implies deletion and then impoverishment of the wine), differently we focus on the content of live energy that links the atoms to the constituents of grapes first and of wine then.
If the grapes and the wine are live, full of energy they are less affected by those processes causing precipitation and impoverishment as they use their energy to naturally retain their constituents, transforming them into more stable substances. Actually we think that only what is dead precipitates, while what is alive grows up and evolves. Our energy approach was applied to some wines from 2011 vintage and to all wines from 2012 vintage, leading to a very barely relevant sedimentation. These wines have turned into a more structure, a wider and more complex aromatic range ( still developing ), a pretty live feature and above all they remind clearly true aroma and flavour of grape.
This energy approach has nothing to do with scientific knowledge, it's of course a matter of feelings, with nature, with the wine and with the energy we are surrounded by.